System benefits to IT industries

Our system offers significant benefits to Information Technology industries, enabling them to play a crucial role in driving sustainability and creating value for their organizations.

Green IT Solutions

Our system assists IT companies to select and use as a priority green IT solution. This includes procuring energy-efficient hardware, such as servers, storage devices, and networking equipment that meet recognized energy efficiency standards. Additionally, it involves selecting environmentally friendly software solutions that optimize resource usage and support sustainable business practices.

Responsible Supply Chain

With great emphasis on responsible supply chain management within the IT industry, our system helps companies efficiently evaluate suppliers based on their environmental practices, social responsibility, and labor conditions. This includes keen consideration of suppliers' adherence to sustainability standards, such as ISO 14001 for environmental management and ISO 26000 for social responsibility.

E-Waste Management

Due to the rapid pace of technological advancements in recent years, the IT industry now generates a significant amount of electronic waste (e-waste). Our system helps IT companies manage e-waste responsibly with effective strategies, including the responsible disposal and recycling of electronic equipment and designing products with end-of-life considerations in mind.

Ethical Sourcing of Raw Materials

IT products, such as smartphones, computers, and tablets, rely on various raw materials, some of which may be sourced from regions with ethical concerns, such as conflict minerals. With our system, IT companies can establish policies and processes that ensure the responsible sourcing of raw materials. This includes tracking and engaging with suppliers that adhere to internationally recognized standards, such as the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) or the Conflict-Free Sourcing Initiative (CFSI).

Energy Efficiency and Data Centers

Because data centers are a critical component of the IT industry and consume substantial amounts of energy, we put in place energy efficiency measures in data centers, including the use of energy-efficient servers, cooling systems, and virtualization technologies. It encourages the procurement of renewable energy for powering data centers and supports the adoption of energy management systems and monitoring tools to optimize energy usage and reduce carbon emissions.

Built for the information technology industry, our system helps by promoting green IT solutions, responsible supply chain management, e-waste management, ethical sourcing of raw materials, energy efficiency in data centers, and collaboration among industry stakeholders.

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