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ESG-curious procurement at optimal cost

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For procurement teams, Nimbus integrates with processes and ERP software to provide contextual ESG data on everything coming into your business: whether supplier-provided or calculated. Our work makes everything that follows: from client requirements to regulation compliance easier. Nimbus also integrates with select accounting software to make report verification as simple and straightforward as possible for accountants.

Nimbus couples information aggregation from various sources with robust ML verification techniques for supplier-provided data to deliver the most precise ESG data on the market. Our software also provides a variety of emissions reporting forms for suppliers and automation to ensure you get the information your business needs.

Yes, born out of the founders' experience of working in various banana and cocoa plantations as a child, Nimbus places particular emphasis on making sure our clients' supply chains not only improve with respect to emissions but also to child and slave labor.

Nimbus has saved clients thousands of hours of tracking, assigning, and optimizing scope 3 ESG footprints. We’ve also helped several other clients discover and adopt more sustainable alternatives to what they used, significantly impacting the company’s footprint.

Of course. We have a very generous free trial and onboarding period allowing teams to give our software a go before jumping on board. No strings attached.

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